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Author: WAINE

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Quick Overview

Create moiré patterns with a click of a button!

Perfectly Imperfect Digital Realism
A lot of plugins and scripts for AE can give you an old TV or VHS look. That's cool, but what about when you want something that looks modern? That's what "Moiré" is all about.

What are Moiré Patterns? Ever see weird lines or patterns when filming a screen? That's moiré. Some might see it as a mistake, but we see it as a chance to make things look real.

With a click of a button you'll create a moiré pattern. Go realistic. Go abstract. It's up to you.

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text
Create realistic moiré patterns with a click to make a unique and cool looking vfx shoot. It will never give you up!

Alt Text
Go abstract with Moiré.


  • Create moiré patterns with a click of a button.
  • Control the look of the moiré pattern with simple sliders.
  • Automaticly parented and/or corner pinned to your tracked footage.
  • Automaticlly animates the moiré pattern to your tracked footage with the click of a button.
  • Built on native AE effects.
  • kBar toolbar & kBar icons included.

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