Pre-Compose Geek 2

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Author: Motion Geeks

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Quick Overview


Get your project perfectly organized in seconds by pre-composing your shots automatically. Try it for free.
Now AE CC compatible.

Pre-Compose Geel



Have you ever been frustrated
of manually pre-composing and trimming your shots
just because you wanted a well organized project?

Pre-Compose Geek helps you get a perfectly organized project by pre-composing your shots while automatically trimming and naming them.

Say goodbye to frustrating and time consuming work and helloto instantly perfectly organized project:

  • Pre-compose and name pre-comps by given prefix.
  • Optionally "Leave all Attributes" when pre-composing.
  • Place each pre-comp in a dedicated folder within a master comp folder.

Some of Our Customers

Bonfire Labs | Airbag Productions | Swanson Studio | Evil Edison Productions

What our Customers are Saying

We are using PreCompose Geek on a feature film to help with conforming RED footage. It works great and saved us from having someone PreComp thousands of footage layers. Thanks!

Love it guys, keep up the good work. I'd written my own scripts that do basically the same thing, but yours is better and totally worth the money. Will happily recommend it to my colleagues

Makes the Premiere-->AE workflow a breeze! One click and everything is neatly organized and arranged in pre-comps. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Geeks!

Awesome :) Just what I was looking for.

Why Buy?


Why do I Need a Perfectly Organized Project?

A well organized AE project structure saves you time and money by allowing you much easier work and maintenance, especially when the precomps follow a naming convention and are sorted chronologically on the timeline. Get the free try to experience it yourself.


Why Should I Pick You Over the Competition?

There are some other scripts doing the basic task of pre-composing, we believe our product is better because of the following unique features:

  • It provides better organization by both trimming and naming the created precomps
  • It has intuitive flash-based user interface
  • It has many extras that simply doesn’t exists elsewhere like allowing you to place a digital cut, adding an info layer that displays the shot/scene name and even more
  • We provide product support
  • We constantly listen to our clients to make the product even better


How Much Time and Money Can I Save Using Your Product?

Pre-Compose Geek can save you 1 to 2 hours of repetitive manual work on complicated projects and 5 to 15 minutes on relatively simple ones, this really depends on the clip duration and how many shots you have. The longer the clips and the larger number of shots you have, the more time it saves you.

As for the money: do the math yourself.


Where Can I Get Help if I Stuck?

Pre-Compose Geek has a fully detailed tutorial describing each and every feature, if you still need help we’ll be more than happy to provide it by emailing us to [email protected]

We also love to hear what our customers have to say, be sure to email us any feedback as well !

What's New in this Version

  • A completely new beautiful user interface
  • Optional "Leave all Attributes" when pre-composing
  • Compatible with multilingual versions of After Effects

Full Feature List

  • Pre-composes layers and trims pre-comps
  • Names pre-comps by given prefix
  • Optional "Leave all Attributes" when pre-composing
  • Places each pre-comp in a dedicated folder within a master comp folder
  • Places overlapping layers within one pre-comp
  • Adds handles and places a digital cut above the composition for comparing your editing
  • Creates an info layer displaying the shot/scene name, number of frames and duration

Hundreds of users.

Dozens of Likes.

Reliable and easy to use.

Great documentation and support.

This product will save you hours each month - at a one time cost of less than a hourly rate!

Upgrade notice: If you own Pre-Compose Geek 1 the upgrade is FREE. Make sure you login to the same account that was used for the original purchase. Please contact support if you have any questions.

  • Friendly user interface
  • Choose all or some layers
  • Each pre-comp in a dedicated folder
  • Adds handles
  • Places a digital cut above the composition for comparing your editing
  • Displaying shot/scene name, number of frames and duration
After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5