Handy Hands

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Author: Alfie Dawes

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Quick Overview

A simple plugin for simple hands - Handy Hands is used to create a poseable hand rig for your character animations.

A Simple Plugin for Simple Hands

Handy Handy makes adding hands simple. Add hands with a click, pose with a click, and add them to your character rigs - All within a single shape layer.



Choose the best finger and hand length, width and color to match your character's personality.



Pose buttons allow you to quickly snap each hand to a specific shape, or use slider controls to change each finger individually.

Y Rotate

Full Y Rotation

Full Y rotation allows for them to rotate with your character, and gives more flexibility to possible gestures.

Single Layer

Single Layer

Nobody wants multiple layers cluttering up their timeline. Each Handy Hand works as a single shape layer.


Lottie.js compatible

Since it's just a shape layer, Handy Hands will work with Bodymovin & Lottie without any special settings.


Works with other rigging plugins

It's just a single shape layer, so Handy Hands will work with other rigging plugins as if it were simply hand artwork.


How does it work?

The palm is a shape, and the fingers and thumb are strokes. The paths are determined by expressions that work out where each joint should be in 3d space, and then map that to 2d.

What about grabbing? If it's all one layer, how can I grab something?

Each hand layer has different paths for the fingers, thumb and palm. You can duplicate the hand layer and hide the palm to have a layer that's just digits, which can be put above the object you're grabbing.

What about other styles? Strokes, shadows etc.

Currently, to keep it's simplicity Handy Hands are only available as a flat shape. However, you can add effects to them as you would with any other shape layer.

Can I get a hand to point at the camera?

Handy Hands only supports Y axis rotation, as well as the normal Z axis rotation. Pointing at the camera is not yet possible.

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