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Author: Paul Tuersley

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Quick Overview

OpenSesame Server offers server automation for custom template versioning and rendering video on demand.

OpenSesame Server provides a fully automated API based solution for project customization, versioning and rendering to generate content on demand, using either the JSON API for web apps or regular text files that can be edited in a spreadsheet.

Set up any number of project templates and change many things including text, footage, property values, layer switches and render queue items. Changes are made by submitting a text file to a watch folder, whether that's across a network, from a mobile device, database or web app.

OpenSesame Server creates detailed log files, has built-in error handling, can automatically restart and continue rendering or send alerts in case of any failures. You can abort renders remotely and easily prioritize tasks.

You can have multiple computers running OpenSesame Server to process and render submissions simultaneously, or have one computer modify the projects and save them for processing on a render farm. It's compatible with the After Effects Render Engine, so you can easily set up a render farm to generate high volumes of content on demand.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  OpenSesame is required to set up your project templates for use with OpenSesame Server.


Trial Version

To request a trial version please open a support request.


OpenSesame Server Demo


Basic Workflow

  1. Use OpenSesame to set up a project template, selecting the parts you want to be editable.
  2. Export from OpenSesame as either a JSON, or tab (TSV) or comma (CSV) separated text file.
  3. Read the JSON file into a web app, generate a web form or link to a database, or open the tab or comma separated text file into a spreadsheet app like Excel.
  4. Launch OpenSesame Server and set it to monitor a watch folder.
  5. Submit text files containing any changes to the watch folder to be processed and either rendered or sent to a render farm.


Helper Script Support

Use helper scripts to extend OpenSesame's functionality in all kinds of ways, or to make changes that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish just by altering the text values file. You can run as many helper scripts as you like, and choose whether they run before or after any renders are completed.

Along with some built-in helper scripts, there are other scripts which are also compatible with OpenSesame Server automation including pt_ImportSubtitles, TM_ArabicText and TM_HebrewText. Custom helper scripts are also relative easily to write for anyone with some basic AE scripting knowledge.


Optional Service Level Agreement (SLA)

OpenSesame Server comes with an extensive pdf guide explaining all its features, and we provide free installation support.

If you require:

  • additional support for help with your specific workflow set up
  • advice on creating project templates
  • helper scripts
  • manual license de-activations (regardless of the reason)
  • priority feature requests

you will need to purchase a service-level agreement (SLA).

It is sold in months and can be purchased below with volume discounts.

Click the Add To Cart button below then Go To Shopping Cart and set the quantity to the required number of months.

Qty Price
1 month $249.99 each
3 months $224.99 each
6 months $187.49 each
12 months      $124.99 each

OpenSesame Server Demo

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