Santa's Little Credit Helper

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Author: Gerry Holtz

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Quick Overview

Tools for creating & editing card style credits in After Effects. It can be used with the provided Google Docs template to import pre-typed credits or create them from scratch.

Easy to use tools to create card style credits for web, television, or film projects in After Effects.  

Santa's Little Credit Helper UI



Key Features

Google Doc Templates provided to share with your production team for entering text and timing information. Credits can then be loaded

   directly into After Effects without re-typing errors. 

• Layout, Scale, Spacing, Tracking, Shadows, Centering control from a single Null that updates all cards simultaneously and keeps everything in perfect alignment.

• Multiple Controls can be used to switch between larger full-screen cards and smaller banner cards within a single comp.

• Copy & Paste Fonts, Color, and Stroke to change the look of your credits easily.

• Changes update instantly, and playback with no delay.  

• Set and adjust timing information for the entire credit sequence, or per card based on absolute or weighted lengths.  One click automatically recalculates

  and retimes your credits. 

• Resize your credits quickly with Reformat Tools.  Switch between HD 720, HD 1080, UHD and 4K instantly.

• Edit text, add or remove names, or move names between columns and cards - Layout stays in alignment automatically.  

• Insert or Remove Cards easily.  Credits retime automatically.

• Save & Load Presets to audition several styles quickly, or save approved looks for use again and again. Some Common Network Presets included.  More to come soon!

• Export changes to credits back to tab delimited .txt file for error checking and archive.

• Final credit compositions are self-contained and can be passed off and rendered without Santa's Little Credit Helper needing to be installed.



After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014