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Author: MonkyyJM

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Quick Overview

Unlock precision in After Effects with Shy Bar! Streamline your timeline by focusing only on the layers that matter. Perfect for animators and designers dealing with complex timelines.

Shy Bar
Your Timeline - Your Control

Unleash the full potential of your After Effects experience with Shy Bar. Shy Bar empowers you to take command of your timeline and composition like never before, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your workflow and declutter your timeline.

The UI

Shy Bar boasts a fully responsive user interface, ensuring a seamless experience across various workspaces.

Enjoy a clutter-free workspace with the ability to customize which buttons appear on the panel. Tailor Shy Bar to your needs, placing the buttons you use most at your fingertips.

Vertical UI
  1. Text
  2. Solid
  3. Camera
  4. Light
  5. Null
  6. Shapes Window
  7. Precomps
  8. Adjustment
  9. Audio
  10. Image
  11. Photoshop
  12. Illustrator
  13. Parents Window
  14. Selected Layers
  15. Same Selected Time or Later
  16. Enabled Layers
  17. Solo Layers
  18. Locked Layers
  19. Guide Layers
  20. 3D Layers
  21. Layers With Masks
  22. Layers With Comments
  23. Layers With Markers
  1. Track Matte Window
  2. Layers With Effects
  3. Layers with Motion Blur
  4. Layers With Expressions
  5. Keyframes Window
  6. Label Colors Window
  7. Blending Modes Window
  8. Seeker Sleuth
  9. Solo Selected Layers
  10. Solo non Selected Layers
  11. Solo Up
  12. Solo Down
  13. Visible Layers At Composition Start
  14. Layers With Same Selected inPoint
  15. Layers Visible In Work Area
  16. Layers With Same Selected outPoint
  17. Layers With Same inPoint As CTI
  18. Layers Visible at CTI
  19. Layers With Same outPoint As CTI
  20. Visible Layers At Composition End
  21. Disable Filters Window
  22. Settings Window

Why Shy Bar?

Label Colors

Infuse vibrancy into your workspace! Explore the rich Label Color Window, letting you label your layers with a spectrum of hues for easy identification and organization.

Blending Modes

Elevate your visuals with our Fusion Modes window. Experiment with different blending modes to add depth and drama to your compositions, unlocking a realm of artistic possibilities.

Seeker Sleuth

Lost in layers? Fear not! The Seeker Sleuth window acts as your guiding spellbook, swiftly locating the elements you seek amidst the complexity of your project.

Custom Visibility

Tailor your timeline effortlessly. With Shy Bar, you can selectively reveal layers on the timeline or in the viewer, ensuring complete control over your composition.

Responsive UI

Experience a fluid interface that adapts to your needs.

Tailor your workspace by selecting which buttons to display on the panel, creating a personalized environment that matches your workflow.

Advanced Layer Insight

Delve into layers by attributes such as masks, effects, markers, comments, and more.

Explore layers based on their status at the current time, at the composition's start or end, ensuring unparalleled visibility.

Keyframe Finesse

Navigate through your keyframes with finesse! The Keyframe Navigator window provides a quick acces of your animation journey, allowing you to refine every keyframe with precision.

Matte Mastermind

Conquer complex matte tracking challenges with the Matte Tracking window. Elevate your compositions with seamless administration of mattes and achieve professional-grade visual effects.

Parents Management

Simplify your hierarchy with the parents window. Effortlessly link and control layers, achieving seamless animations and intricate designs.

Smart Time-Based Filters

Find layers based on their time – whether they're visible in the work area, present at the current time, or positioned at the composition's start or end.

What's useful for?

Shy Bar is your key to mastering After Effects timelines. When your project is bursting with layers, this powerful toolbar becomes your go-to ally. It lets you effortlessly filter through the clutter, focusing solely on the layers that matter most to you. Whether you're animating a character and want to zero in on specific limb movements or dealing with a myriad of text layers, Shy Bar ensures you see only what's essential. It's your ticket to a streamlined, efficient workflow, saving you time and letting your creativity shine. Unleash the full potential of your After Effects projects with Shy Bar – where precision meets simplicity.

How to use?

Experience the simplicity of power with Shy Bar! Just a click, and voila – your timeline transforms, displaying only the layers you desire. Need to add more layers? Easy! Just hold down Shift.

Selected Layers!

Focus Selected Layers

Seamlessly narrow your focus to selected layers, streamlining your workflow and amplifying your creative precision.

Add more layers!

Add More Layers

Elevate your composition by seamlessly incorporating additional layers. Unlock creative possibilities with just a press of the Shift key, effortlessly expanding your focus beyond the initial selection.

Focus on your labeled layers!

Label Colors Window

Instantly spotlight layers based on their color labels, bringing clarity to your composition. Effortlessly streamline your workflow and focus on what truly matters.

Relabel your layers!

Relabel Layers

Effortlessly color-code and categorize your layers or keyframes, boosting efficiency and clarity.

The magic of 'Seeker Sleuth '

Search Window

Effortlessly find and manage what you need by searching through layer names, effects, comments, markers, expressions, and composition markers by letters or words. Unlock a world of efficiency and precision at your fingertips.

Keyframes Window


Open a window and exclusively view layers with specific keyframe types. Effortlessly streamline your workflow and focus on the keyframes that matter.

Trial Limitations

  1. Layer Selection:
  2. You can view and select up to 5 layers at a time. Experience the essence of Shy Bar with a taste of its layer management prowess.

  1. Search Window:
  2. In the search window, you're limited to entering just 3 words or letters. Just a glimpse of the search capabilities Shy Bar brings to the table.


  • Shift to effortlessly add more layers.
  • Alt to activate solo mode exclusively on chosen layers.
  • Ctrl to enable your chosen layers.
  • Ctrl + Alt to select your chosen layers.
  • Bonus tip: In window buttons, hold Shift to open them in floating window for more control on your workspace.

    After Effects 2024, 2023