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Author: Alan Eddie

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Quick Overview

Are you a messy motion graphics artist?
Sort your project panel, nice and neat.
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Tidy - Quote

* Sort project items by type into folders which you can name.

* Tidy only certain types, eg. Isolate missing footage or vector files.

* Focus Tidy - Tidy within selected folders, none selected tidies everything.

* Focus Tidy - Ignore selected - tidy everything except the selected folders.

* Tidy Pre-Comps - Based on name, for instance all comps starting with 'Pre-'.

* Remove unused footage button / Reduce project button  / Remove missing footage button.

* Remove all items containing text (input by user).

* Folderize all items containing text (input by user).

*Create My Folders (Create your usual folders-separated by commas)


Any old folders are dropped into a folder called ‘Old Folders’- in case you need to re-use.

Quick Tutorial

  • Messy Project Panel...
  • After running Tidy Up!
  • A look at the UI
After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3
  • Layer Groups 2

    Alan Eddie

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Layer Groups 2

    Finally, create Photoshop style groups directly in the timeline. Comprehensive functionality to mimic how Photoshop handles groups. One of the most requested features in After Effects. Now with Group Mattes, Isolate layers and Baking of Groups into pre-comps.
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  • Splash image

    Alan Eddie

    • Compatibility After Effects


     Focus on the layers you want.   Simple - isolate layers you are working on.

    Click = Isolate  |   Alt Click =Isolate in timeline with solo | Shift Click= Isolate layers based on label colour (CS5+).

    3 bugs appear in comp - Isolate,Isolate with Solo and Isolate by color.


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  • Awkward Pause

    Alan Eddie

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Awkward Pause

    Awkward Pause is a one click solution to detect silences in video/audio and erase them. Useful for Bloggers-Vloggers-Podcasters-Broadcasters-Tutorial Makers-Educators-Lifecasters-Crowd Funders-Content creators and more!
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  • Intellifolders

    Alan Eddie

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Intellifolders creates folders intelligently for items in the render queue.
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  • Render Templates

    Alan Eddie

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Render Templates

    Smart template rendering. Render (1 click) to memo folders or template paths based on current project.
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  • Corner Cutters

    Alan Eddie

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Corner Cutters 2

    Corner Cutters do the donkey work. You focus on the good stuff. A bundle of utility scripts to make your life easier in After Effects. Use the toolbar or use individual scripts in your own workflow.
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