3D Bevel

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Apply a 3D bevel to any layer and have it react to comp lights.
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3D Bevel

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3D Bevel adds a dynamic bevel to a 3D After Effects layer, which reacts to an After Effects light source. It creates the effect that the layer's edges are illuminated by the light source. Move the light around, change the position and rotation of the layer and watch the bevel respond.

In short, it's a very intuitive way to make your 2.5D layers feel a bit more 3D.


  • Run the script on several layers at once, controlling the 3D Bevels from a single light source
  • Optionally soften the bevel
  • Display just the highlights, just the shadows or both
  • Display the bevel on a single side of the layer... i.e. only on the front or only on the back
  • Tint the bevel highlight and shadow
  • Optionally carry the script parameters over to the layer, keeping everything adjustable after the script has run.
After Effects CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3