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Easily generate thumbnails for your compositions and video clips.
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CI Master Thumbnailer

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Easily and automatically generate thumbnails from your video clips and compositions:

  • at a given resolution expressed in pixels or as percentage of clip dimensions
  • at various proportions or as a center crop
  • at start of the clip
  • at end of the clip
  • at comp or clip markers
  • at a given time in the clip, expressed in seconds, frames or as a percentage of total length
  • spaced by a given amount of frames, seconds or percentage of total length
  • divided into a number of equally spaced frames per clip
  • named with a custom scheme that can be later saved as a preset
  • saved to a given folder or subfolders replicating project folder structure

Remember to import output modules before running CI Master Thumbnailer!

When in doubt, refer to overview video or user guide.


After Effects CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6