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Quick Overview

Create maps directly in After Effects using up-to-date imagery from HTTP-tileservers and highly detailed vector-data. Use with Trapcode Mir and create 3D terrains with real data. Purchase them together and save 25%

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what is it?

GEOlayers allows you to connect directly to common http-tileservers for imagery download, import geojson vectordata and much more.

High resolution satellite-maps, huge zooms from worldview to an address in your neighborhood, find POIs, Markers and Overlays, glue geotiffs to your map, import geojson and gpx-files, draw country-borders, create political maps... no problem with GEOlayers.

bundle offer

Purchase GEOLayers with Trapcode Mir and save 25%.  Discount is automatically added when you add both products to the shopping cart. Contact support if you have any issues.

how does it work?

This tool connects After Effects to http-tileservers and empowers you to combine up-to-date online-maps with all the advantages of AE and its Plugins. What about snapping 3D-Models with Element 3D to your map in seconds? Or creating 3D Landscapes with Trapcode MIR out of a satellite-layer and a heightmap-layer. GEOlayers will simplify your mapping-workflow.

GEOlayers comes with the following server-APIs:

Each one can be set up in several ways to get either road maps or satellite pictures for example. Mapbox has its own map-style editor. (Note that Mapbox Studio Styles are not supported yet.) Stamen Design comes up with some pretty creative styles. Their Map Stack Editor allows you to quickly create your own looks directly in GEOlayers. Additionally with the universal API you can use almost every imagebased http-tileserver out there for your maps! All the APIs have a search-engine included. So just type in an address or coordinates and find it on your map!

Additional to that GEOlayers' GeoShapes tool allows you to import geojson and gpx-files. This geographic vector-data can be drawn to shape layers with a few clicks. A highly detailed file with all the countries of our world is included.




  • web-like scroll- and zoomable preview map
  • animate maps by keyframing just one property
  • exponential zoom and related scrolling
  • one-click finalization with adjustable quality
  • automatic online imagery-import
  • automatic zoom level-blending
  • automatic provider attribution
  • up to 8 GEOlayers in one AE project (Only 1 in trial-version)
  • GEOlayers' views linkable
  • snap markers and overlays to maps
  • glue georeferenced images to maps


  • GeoShape-drawer with highly detailed vector data of all countries of the world included
  • import and browse additional geojson- and gpx-files
  • reduce shape-quality without visual worsening to keep renderings fast
  • online search-engines to find addresses and POIs
  • 6 standard tileserver APIs
  • universal API to connect to every common http-tileserver
  • local tile-directories supported
  • 12 preset serverprofiles
  • proxyserver support



  • finalize maps
  • up-to-date online-search
  • snap markers to your maps
  • connect to any common tileserver
  • swapping serverprofiles
  • combined with Trapcode MIR
  • 3D Landscape created with Trapcode MIR
  • Geo Shapes tool lets you import geojson-files
  • map from geojson-vectordata
  • topographic maps
  • a Piece of Grand Canyon
  • .gpx import and quick labels
  • .gpx-route with waypoints
  • 3D Landscape created with Mettle Freeform Pro
  • Custom Style created with Stamen Mapstack
  • imported gpx-track and city borders
  • Mapcomp with transparent Water

Sample Project

GEOlayers: advanced MIR setup - FREE After Effects proj

Download the FREE After Effects project to get some details on how to work best with Trapcode Mir and understand the new feature individual finalization quality.

Sample Project

GEOlayers: A piece of Grand Canyon - FREE After Effects proj

Download the FREE After Effects project to learn some advanced workflows with GEOlayers & Trapcode Mir


GEOlayers Tutorial: 01 Basics

GEOlayers Tutorial: 02 Preferences

GEOlayers Tutorial: 03 Topographic Maps

GEOlayers Tutorial: 04 Trapcode MIR

GEOlayers Tutorial: 05 Horizon View

GEOlayers hints: Google Maps

URI Mask:{{serverTileStyle}}@169000000&hl={{tileStyleCulture}}&x={{pX}}&y={{pY}}&z={{ZoomLevel}}

GEOlayers tutorial - Stamen Map Stack API

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