Learn how to create 3D terrains in Adobe After Effects using GEOlayers 3 and Helium

Tools used

Author Notes

This 3D terrain works with native After Effects cameras, and will cast shadows from lights. Oooohh lala. 

0:00 Intro

0:26 Create 3D Landscape Mapcomp

1:26 The Controls

4:00 Increase the Elevation Height

4:20 Enable Depth of Field

5:16 Add Lights

6:18 Fix the Background

6:58 Create a Simple Loop Animation

7:28 The Final Animation / Outro


GEOlayers 3 - https://bit.ly/3zMj1Lq

Helium - https://aescripts.com/helium/?aff=47

GEOlayers 3 MasterClass - https://bit.ly/3NK6WyY

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My in-depth Helium tutorial - https://youtu.be/bQRWE43XWK4?si=L9GXH... 

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Monday Maps - https://bit.ly/3rwh55S 

Tuesday Tools - https://bit.ly/305DkUy

Tools I Used in this Tutorial - 

Envato Elements - https://bit.ly/3o2DOYN

GEOlayers 3 - https://bit.ly/3zMj1Lq

Helium - https://aescripts.com/helium/?aff=47

Adobe After Effects - https://adobe.ly/41wug8J

Epidemic Sound - https://share.epidemicsound.com/w0k34s

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