3D Primitives Generator 3

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Author: Ahmed Studio

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Quick Overview

Generate 3D objects using native After Effects layers. Create Cubes/Cuboids, Cylinders, Pyramids, and Prisms with a single click. Customize the materials to whatever you desire.

Few dimensions, MIGHTY results!

3D Primitives Generator is your handy toolbox to create 3D primitives with ease.

And now with two more!  (Pyramid and Prism).
You can combine a bunch of them to create very cool 3D models inside after effects!


  • Generate 3D objects with a single click!
  • Everything created from shape layers, solids, and pre-comps
  • Very Fast and Light! since it's all made with native after effects tools
  • Easy material and color change and manipulation
  • Each face of the generated primitives is a distinct composition so you can put any color, pattern, texture, or gradients
  • Easy-to-use slider controls for all of the generated primitives
  • Taper with Full control

New Features in Version 3

  • A Redesigned UI with minimal space now yet with MIGHT! (To emulate the look of a 3D software panel)
  • NEW primitives are now available (Pyramid and Prism) with full controls
  • Even faster and lighter since the expressions applied are updated
  • Taper effect with Full control for Cubes, Pyramids, and Prisms
  • Better naming and colors for the generated primitives and layers to make it easier to move them to other projects

Upgrade Notice

If you purchased a previous version of 3D Primitives Generator you can upgrade for $25. Simply login to the same account and the discount price will be displayed automatically. If you need any assistance please open a support ticket.


New UI set

Cube UI Cylinder UI
Pyramid UI Prism UI


Cube Loop Cylinder Loop
Pyramid Loop Prism Loop

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