Ferret Marker

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Quick Overview

Ferret Marker is a timeline tool that locates all occurrences of your target value and add markers on them. It's free but feel free to leave a tip if you want :)


Find and mark specific events within your timeline.

Select any property within the timeline and enter a target value, Ferret Marker will quickly locate all the instances and add markers on them.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of Ferret Marker settings:

  • Target Value(editbox)It is the specific value you want to identify instances of in your timeline. 
  • Sampling Method: (dropdown list) Ferret Marker lets you choose between two timeline analysis methods
  • Linear Interpolation: A generic and stable research method.
  • Cubic Spline Interpolation : An accurate research method for smooth animations set with expressions and keyframes with Easy Ease.
  • Merging Threshold(slider/editbox) The merging threshold allows you to specify a time span within which instances should be considered as a single instance, avoiding the creation of multiple markers for closely spaced instances.
  • Label: (editbox) The label textbox allows you to arrange words and variables in any specific order. You can enter variables such as index, layerName, propertyName, equals and value but you can also write your own words like 'Boom' or 'NOW'. Make sure to separate them with commas.
Ferret Marker Demo

Tip : Ferret Marker can handle selections of multiple properties from multiple layers at once!

Note : Ferret Marker is also an open-source project that you can support by suggesting modifications or improvements https://github.com/nicolasdupouymanescau/Ferret-Marker

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