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Author: MotionApe

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Quick Overview

MoBar is a collection of time-saving tools in one place that help you create your projects quickly and easily in Adobe After Effects.

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Time-Saving Solution for Motion Designers

In today's fast-paced work environment you quickly find yourself buried in deadlines and daily tasks. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop what you are doing to find the tool you need.

MoBar is a collection of time-saving tools in one place that help you create your projects quickly and easily in Adobe After Effects. There is no need to juggle between tools or worry about how long things will take you because everything is right where you need it at your fingertips. It is designed to let you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

By using MoBar, you not only gain efficiency but also a sense of calmness.


MoBar comes with all the essential tools you need for your daily tasks. They were handcrafted with a minimalist philosophy to make things easier for you. You'll wonder how you ever worked without them.

You can use MoBar's unique pop-up menu style to gain more working space while focusing on what's more important - your work.


You can search and get any tools you want in seconds, including the other scripts and effects installed in After Effects, without any hassle. Whenever you need something, just search.


Just imagine if you could save 10, 20 or even 30 minutes per day on the simplest tasks. That's exactly what MoBar will allow you to do in your everyday work. You'll save time, work faster and smarter, and get more done.


There is nothing more frustrating than lacking important features on an application you use every day. MoBar was designed to fill in those gaps. It simplifies After Effects by putting the most-needed tools at your fingertips with a logical design.

Join thousands of motion graphic designers around the globe who are saving time and money by using MoBar today!





Mobar doesn't just add a few extra tools to increase productivity in After Effects. It does so much more. After two weeks of use, I still have to stop and realize how many actions I can use it for and what other plugins I don't need anymore. It is slowly decluttering my workspace.
Motion Bogdan

MoBar has already replaced more than one of my go-to utility plugins by implementing the same functionality into a single, clean, easy-to-understand system. This is easily the best solution I've seen for improving quality of life and workflow efficiencies.
Robert Headrick

MoBar allowed me to move away from all the individual scripts/tools that I'd gathered over time and just have one dedicated tool for everything I need daily, plus lots more. I'd saved so much time with my workflow even within a few hours of use. Highly recommended.
Neil Rostance

This has quickly become one of my need-to-have tools within After Effects. The horizontal bar with dropdown menus is a great and slim solution to make it an easy fit between all my other tools. I love the layer and keyframe tools that make other single scripts useless.
Sjoerd Jones

Over the years, I must have spent over $1000 on various scripts. MoBar just replaced 80% of those at just $59. It’s the most comprehensive collection of AE tools. Very well put together in a slick sidebar that occupies very little screen space.
Avinash Ramanath

I'm blown away by the thought your team have put into this. These are features I've been wishing Adobe would add to After Effects forever. Thank you!
Kyle Floyd



Matching Property
Inverse Selection
Select Layers at Frame
Select Odd/Even Layers
Random Select/Deselect
Select Text Objects
Select Nulls
Select Precomps
Select Shape Objects
Select 3D Layers
Select Guide Layers
Select Lights
Select Audio Layers
Select All Parent Layers
Select All Child Layers
Select Complete Hierarchy

Set/Select Layer Group
Duplicate Layers
Shift Layer Times
Order Layers
Offset Layers
Rename Layers
Trim Layers
Set Label Colors
Set Anchor Point
Parent to Null
Parent to First Selected
Parent to Above Layer
Parent in Order of Selection
Randomize Properties
Trim Mattes to Layers
Rename Matte Layers
Hide Matte Layers
Apply Matte Layer
Lock/Unlock All Layers
Lock/Unlock Shy Layers

Set/Select Keys Group
Snap Keys to Frames (Time)
Fix Overshooting Keys (Spatial)
Clone Keys
Clone & Mirror Keys
Time-Reverse Keys
Shift Keys' Time
Offset Keys
Move Keys to Current Time
Move Keys to In Point
Move Keys to Out Point
Left Align Keys
Right Align Keys
Key Looper

Create Camera Rig
Auto Trim Comp
Auto Crop Comp
Batch Rename Comps
Batch Scale Comps
Batch Resize Canvas
Batch Comp Settings
Batch Color Replacer
Export Comps as New Project

Reveal Selected Layer Assets
Reveal Current Comp
Reveal Project Folder
Reveal AE Script Folder
Create Folder Structure
Organize Project
Project Cleanup

Show/Hide Guides
Lock/Unlock Guides
Toggle Snap to Guides
Clear Guides
Add Guides Around
Add Guides Left
Add Guides Right
Add Guides Top
Add Guides Bottom
Add Guides Center
Add Guides Middle
Add Guides Anchor
Create Guide/Grid System
Golden Ratio

Solo Layers (Viewer)
Solo Layers (Timeline)
White BG
Black BG
Gray BG
Set BG Color
Toggle Checkerboard
Reset View (100%)
Reset View (50%)
Reset View (33%)
Save Screenshot

Animation Tools
Elastic Motion
Auto Fader
Wiggle Property
Blinker Flicker
Stop Motion

Circle Wizard
Rectangle Wizard
Grid Overlay
Connect Elements
Trim Paths Controller
Consistent Stroke Width
Explode Shapes to Layers
Merge Shape Layers
Select All Strokes
Select All Fills
Toggle Fill/Stroke
Cap Join Miter
Cap Join Round
Cap Join Bevel

Insert Lorem Ipsum
Find and Replace Text
Text Box Generator
Text Area Limiter
Wiggly Text
Text Reveal Animation

Enable Expressions
Disable Expressions
Remove Expressions
Bake Expressions
Find and Replace Expressions
Remove Expressions with Errors


Library of Scripts



Version 1.3.1 - 7 Jun 2022

  • Fixed an issue with floating menu..

Version 1.3 - 28 May 2022 (Initial release on aescripts)


  • A bug has been fixed which requires multiple clicks to open main categories.

  • In the settings menu, saved time is now displayed in minutes, hours, and days.

  • Login issue on the trial version has been fixed.


  • The Text Reveal tool has received a major update based on user feedback. The tool now uses easing presets instead of keyframes and the margin can be controlled manually.

  • A bug in the Pre-Comp tool has been fixed that causes create multiple comps.

  • A bug in the Create Folder Structure has been fixed, which caused problems on Mac.

  • A bug in the Create Folder Structure has been fixed, which caused problems on Mac.

  • Merge Shape Layers tool moves the created shape layer correctly.

  • A layer created with the Parent to Null tool is trimmed based on the selected layers' length.

  • Auto Crop Comps: Ctrl + Click: Crops comps without UI based on last settings.

  • Undo issue has been fixed in Trim Path Controller.

Version 1.2.1 - 5 May 2022

  • Images have been updated for the category menus.

  • A bug causing the menu to not close has been fixed.

Version 1.2 - 4 May 2022

  • Floating menus: You can tear off menus to create floating boxes in your workspace if you need to use them repeatedly.

  • Category Name: MoBar's panel window can be expanded to reveal the categories and favorite items names.

  • Search: You can use MoBar's search to find scripts in After Effect's script folder.

  • Favorites: Favorite items can be deleted by right-clicking.

Version 1.1.1 - 29 Mar 2022

  • We've fixed an error that occurs when using Elastic Motion and Bounce tools with Legacy Engine.

  • A broken link has been fixed in the script library.

Version 1.1 - 24 Mar 2022

  • Folder Structure: It is now possible to create, update, and delete presets. Using this feature, you can create folder structures directly from your project.

  • Organize Project: With that new feature, you can organize specific folders and items within a project.

  • Trim Path Controller: The direction of the trimming animations can be changed as easily as clicking a button.

  • Elastic Motion: Choose a preset that suits you and skip a lot of steps to get the results you want.

  • Text Reveal: To make it even easier for you, there is an option to change the animation speed now.

  • Set Anchor Point: A new option was added that allows you to ignore the masks calculated by the algorithm.

  • A Skew option has been added to the Rectangle Wizard tool.

  • It's been fixed a bug caused the bend tool to flicker.

  • The Parent to Null tool maintains hierarchy more effectively

Version 1.0 - 7 Mar 2022

  • Initial release

Feel free to let us know what you think of these new features. All your feedback and suggestions help MoBar keep improving.

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