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Author: MotionApe

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Quick Overview

MoBar is a collection of time-saving tools in one place that help you create your projects quickly and easily in Adobe After Effects.

We know you're busy. We've all been there: buried under deadlines and daily tasks, struggling to find time to do what we really want to do but it doesn't have to be that way! That’s why we created MoBar—a collection of 130 time-saving tools that helps you create your projects quickly and easily in After Effects.



Kbar Matching Property

Inverse Selection

Select Layers at Frame

Select Odd/Even Layers

Select Every Nth Layer (New)

Random Select/Deselect

Select Text Objects

Select Nulls

Select Precomps

Select Shape Objects

Select 3D Layers

Select Guide Layers

Select Lights

Select Audio Layers

Select All Parent Layers

Select All Child Layers

Select Complete Hierarchy



Create Camera Rig

Auto Trim Comp

Auto Crop Comp


Batch Rename Comps

Batch Scale Comps

Batch Resize Canvas

Batch Comp Settings

Batch Color Replacer

Export Comps as New Project



Solo Layers (Viewer)

Solo Layers (Timeline)

White BG

Black BG

Gray BG

Set BG Color

Toggle Checkerboard

Reset View (100%)

Reset View (50%)

Reset View (33%)

Save Screenshot



Enable Expressions

Disable Expressions

Remove Expressions

Bake Expressions

Find/Replace Expressions

Remove Expressions with Errors


Set/Select Layer Group

Duplicate Layers

Shift Layer Times

Order Layers

Offset Layers

Rename Layers

Trim Layers

Set Label Colors

Set Anchor Point

Add Attachment Point (New)

Parent to Null

Parent to First Selected

Parent to Above Layer

Parent in Order Selection

Trim Mattes to Layers

Rename Matte Layers

Hide Matte Layers

Apply Matte Layer

Lock/Unlock All Layers

Lock/Unlock Shy Layers



Reveal Selected Layer

Reveal Current Comp

Reveal Project Folder

Reveal AE Script Folder

Create Folder Structure

Organize Project

Project Cleanup



Find and Replace Text

Number Counter (New)

Typewriter (New)

Lorem Ipsum (New)

Text Box Generator

Text Area Limiter

Wiggly Text

Text Reveal Animation



Elastic Motion




Auto Fader

Wiggle Property

Blinker Flicker


Stop Motion


Key Selector (New)

Set/Select Keys Group

Add Secondry Value (New)

Snap Keys to Frames

Fix Overshooting Keys

Separate X/Y (New)

Find & Replace Keys (New)

Clone Keys

Clone & Mirror Keys

Time-Reverse Keys

Shift Keys' Time

Offset Keys

Move Keys to Current Time

Move Keys to In Point

Move Keys to Out Point

Left Align Keys

Right Align Keys

Key Looper



Show/Hide Guides

Lock/Unlock Guides

Toggle Snap to Guides

Clear Guides

Add Guides Around

Add Guides Left

Add Guides Right

Add Guides Top

Add Guides Bottom

Add Guides Center

Add Guides Middle

Add Guides Anchor

Create Guide/Grid System

Golden Ratio



Circle Wizard

Rectangle Wizard

Grid Overlay

Connect Elements

Trim Paths Controller

Consistent Stroke Width

Separate Shapes to Layers

Merge Shape Layers

Select All Strokes

Select All Fills

Toggle Fill/Stroke

Cap Join Miter

Cap Join Round

Cap Join Bevel


Reviewed by
Keyframe Academy

Reviewed by
Eran Stern


Matching Properties
Order Layers
Offset Layers
Rename Layers
Set Anchor Point
Parent to Null
Matte Tools
Clone Keys
Align Keys
Offset Keys
Camera Rig
Auto Crop Comps
Batch Rename Comps
Batch Resize Comps
Batch Color Replacer
Export Comp as New Project
Create Folder Structure
Project Cleanup
Guide Tools
Create Grid/Guide System
Solo Layers
Save Screenshot
Expression Tools
Merge/Separate Shapes
Cap Tools
Text Box Generator
Text Reveal Animation
Elastic Motion
Bounce Tool
Bend Tool



Imagine MoBar as an expanding universe, continuously enhance its features, introducing new tools regularly to address user needs. All updates are free, granting you access to fresh tools each month.



At the pace Mobar is developing, it will soon replace most of my plugins. The team behind it is so dedicated and responsive. I asked for a feature that another plugin had but was out of date, and Mobar delivered. Now my Aftereffects got even less cluttered.
MoBar has already replaced more than one of my go-to utility plugins by implementing the same functionality into a single, clean, easy-to-understand system. This is easily the best solution I've seen for improving quality of life and workflow efficiencies.
MoBar allowed me to move away from all the individual scripts/tools that I'd gathered over time and just have one dedicated tool for everything I need daily, plus lots more. I'd saved so much time with my workflow even within a few hours of use. Highly recommended.
This has quickly become one of my need-to-have tools within After Effects. The horizontal bar with dropdown menus is a great and slim solution to make it an easy fit between all my other tools. I love the layer and keyframe tools that make other single scripts useless.
Over the years, I must have spent over $1000 on various scripts. MoBar just replaced 80% of those at just $59. It’s the most comprehensive collection of AE tools. Very well put together in a slick sidebar that occupies very little screen space.
The biggest problem in AE is having so many scripts & tools fitting into a limited UI space. The MoBar is like buying that new gadget that has tons of useful features, yet is still small enough to fit in your pocket.
I found Mobar while looking for a plugin that helps with keyframes. After seeing the additional tools, it was a no-brainer to get this. This plugin has permanently earned the right to be docked on my screen.
MoBar is, essentially, the best features of every other “multi-tool” app I’ve ever used for After Effects, combined into one toolbar. It is the ONLY plugin that I use every single time I open up After Effects.
MoBar contains many excellent tools and significantly shortens work time. I removed from the workspace a number of scripts that are no longer needed thanks to MoBar
I'm blown away by the thought your team have put into this. These are features I've been wishing Adobe would add to After Effects forever. Thank you!
MoBar is an excellent and time-saving tool. The universal approach and easy-to-use interface + all the add-on features make it a joy to work with.
It didn't take long for MoBar to replace several scripts and plugins that I've relied on for years. My workspace layout is looking really good!
I have to do certain actions constantly with the job I do and MoBar helps me save time and effort. Highly recommended.
MoBar is like a Swiss Army knife, there's a tool for every situation. I refuse to use After Effects if MoBar isn't installed.
Since the last update, I consider it to be one of the best After Effects tools available. I recommend it 100%.



There are a bunch of industry-leading studios using MoBar. Join thousands of motion graphic designers around the globe who are saving time and money by using MoBar today!


$387 $59.99 (SAVE %85)*





*It is estimated that if you purchased similar tools separately on the marketplace, you would have to spend approximately $387.
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