Stretch-it 2

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Author: Braindot Design

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Quick Overview

With Stretch-it 2 you can give a fresh cool look to your text or footage. Stretch your assets as many times as you like, with just 1 click!

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I created this tool because I’ve always liked the contrast between overstretched and condensed letters in a single word. But making the effect was time-consuming and tedious, then if I changed my mind on the chosen letter, the word itself, or the font, I simply had to start from the beginning.

Stretch-it allows you to create this effect in one click and easily edit it afterwards!

And now, with Stretch-it 2 you can apply the effect to footage as well as text layers, you can create multiple stretches and can change the direction of your stretch at 360°



Stretch-it 2 fx controls panel

Key features:

          - Stretch text & footage (pictures or video)

          - 360° stretch direction

          - Create multiple stretch points

          - Animate all properties in the Effect Controls panel

          - Easily amend your string of text by renaming the layer's name



Upgrade Notice

If you purchased Stretch-it v1 after Jan 1, 2019 you can upgrade for free, otherwise, the upgrade is $5. Simply login to the same account and the upgrade price will be automatically shown. If you have any questions or need assistance please open a support request.



After Effects 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018
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