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Author: Dani Ria

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Quick Overview

Extend a text layer's width in After Effects by literally stretching it! If you've done this before, you most likely had to outline your text, but Stretch-it works with editable typography and offers you a series of very useful controls. No external plugins needed, works with all the fonts your operating system can handle. Stretch-it will save you tons of time!

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I've created this tool because I’ve always liked the contrast between overstretched and condensed letters in a single word. I used to make the effect in a number of ways, but all of them were time-consuming as it couldn’t be done with an editable text layer. I’d go far in the treatment, then if I changed my mind on the chosen letter, the word itself, or the font, I simply had to start from the beginning: Create a new text layer, outline the text and so on... this tool allows you to create this in one click!

Stretch-it UI

          Key features:

          - Stretch any string of text in one given point.

          - Move horizontally the Pivot point

          - Change alignment: central, left or right

          - Scale up and down your text Font size

          - Move the text in 3 dimensions

          - Amend your string after your client's last minute change of mind

          - Hide/show your text in the composition



After Effects CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC
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    Dani Ria

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    Laser Type

    Laser Type is a modern hair-thin sans serif typeface, its straightforward but elegant features make it a very versatile font, ideal for impactful titles. Developed to meet the current standards for the production of animated typography with After Effects, the package is made of a total of 82 characters.

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  • Gradino

    Dani Ria

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    Gradino is an animated typeface stretched out on an imaginary step; its characters unfold open and slip away. Funny and whimsical, ideal for amusing messages!

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