Text Chain

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Braindot Design

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Quick Overview

Text Chain links different text layers dynamically and constrains the full string in a given width.

When you have typography with different settings (font weight, font size, all caps or upper and lower etc..) instead of having 1 single text layer, you can create several layers with different settings and link them together in a given direction: the layers will always move according to the preceding text width. This is often the case with leaderboards or name supers, that combine upper and lower cases, or all caps and/or smaller font sizes.

Plus, when a line of text needs to be contained within a certain width, you can set a max width value and the text will be constrained to that width


Key features:

Script UI + Effects control panel

          - Link Text layers together

          - Global tracking and individual word tracking controls

          - Max width switch

          - Max width value slider

          - Animate all properties in the Effect Controls panel

A useful example

 Leaderboard example  Name super example



After Effects 2020, CC 2019
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