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Author: BasedFX

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Quick Overview

Randsomator allows You to generate ransom note-style text quickly with just one click! You can play with the result to change the entire look or selected letter design instantly.


Randsomator requires one of these installed: Photoshop, Illustrator, or the free AEVIEWER 2 extension
(only one of these is required)

In some cases, Randsomator doesn't work properly.
Please test the trial version on your machine before purchasing the full version!

Pocket ransom note generator for After Effects

 Turn your boring text into a kaleidoscopic, cool-looking message!



Randsomator, ransom note generator

Would You like a 100% procedural design tool that allows You to create ransom note text in seconds without leaving AE? Now it's possible! With this tool, You can get thousands of style combinations with a few clicks! Randsomator grabs all the fonts on the system, combines them, and outputs the result.


Endless variations

Randsomator utilizes all the fonts available on your system and blends them with various styles.


One slider to rule them all

Change the entire design with just one slider!

Separate sliders for each symbol

Achieve full control over each character with a dedicated slider

Typography features

You can modify the tracking, scale, and rotation


Control the distance between characters


Randomly rotate characters


Randomly scale characters

Manual adjustment

You can disable the randomization of selected characters and set it up manually. You can modify the following properties:

  • color
  • scale
  • capitalization
  • font style (italic, bold)
  • rotation

It is inspired by real-world paper and typography design. Carefully designed algorithms make every piece unique. Hundreds of small details, taken together, produce natural-looking results.

Old, but gold. Ransom note style is never out of fashion. It will work nicely almost for every project!

Texture generation. Randsomator simulates various texture types, making the paper unique and randomly crafted. All you have to do is to play with the seed slider.


Input options.You can enter any chars You want, except for backslash.

Capitalization. If you type a capital letter, it will always be capitalized. If you type a non-capital letter, it will have randomly selected capitalization.

Character Size.You can set the character size from 500 to 5000 pixels. The execution time of the script is affected by this value.



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