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Dynamic Line Chart

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Beepee

Availability: No Longer Available

Quick Overview


Please consider this alternative plugin: Graph Master

Instantly create charts from data in After Effects.


Please consider this alternative plugin: Graph Master


Beepee Dynamic Line Chart (DLC) is an After Effects plugin that instantly creates line charts from data.

All the parameters of the chart and the data itself can be animated. The many (hundreds!) of parameters give animatable control over the appearance and dimensions of the grid and axes, allowing zooming into and out of data.

Data -- even animated data -- can be imported via a CSV file (UTF-8 encoded) or can be resampled from an image of a chart.


Draw 15 different types of object

  1. Curve -- a simple XY plot of data.
  2. Region -- a box defined by X&Y min and max parameters.
  3. Fill -- draws the area under and/or above an XY plot, to a Y-value.
  4. Label -- draws labels at points defined by X/Y data. Can be either based on values or imported text data.
  5. Marker -- draw shapes at points defined by X/Y data.
  6. Sprite -- use a layer as a source for a marker.
  7. V-sprite -- use an animated or video layer as a source for a marker, but vary the frame used based on X/Y values.
  8. Area2 -- draws a gradient between two X/Y data series.
  9. Area3 - draws a 3-point gradient between three X/Y data series.
  10. Line column -- draws vertical lines to points defined by an X/Y series.
  11. Error line -- draws vertical 'error' lines between two X/Y series (i.e. min & max error).
  12. Guide1D -- draws either a horizontal or vertical line at a certain value on the chart, with label.
  13. Guide 2D -- draws a point on a chart, with an arrow and label.
  14. Measure -- draws lines and arrows at an offset, between two points on a chart, with label
  15. Bar -- creates the bars of a bar chart, based on a series of Y values.


  • Primary and secondary vertical axes. (No grid available on the secondary axis.)
  • Chart and axis titles.
  • Text-based labels or numbers-based horizontal axis.
  • Scalable axes alow the dynamic creation of grid lines and axis labels.
  • Optional digit grouping and decimal point characters.

Making a simple x/y line chart is very simple:

  1. Create a Solid.
  2. Click effects > Beepee > Dynamic Line Chart to apply the plugin.
  3. Go to the Dynamic Line Chart effect in the Effect control window and expand the Data topic. Click CSV...Load, and find your data.
  4. Expand the Objects topic and click 'add object'.
  5. Find your data series in the Horizontal and Vertical data drop-down menus.
  6. Adjust the horizontal dimensions of the chart in Grid & Axes > X-axis > X-axis dimensions, then do the same for the vertical axis.

See the videos tab for demos and tutorials.


DLC requires an OpenGL graphics card (GPU).

WINDOWS:tested up to AE2023 v23.2.1

MacOS: DLC will NOT work on MacOS versions of After Effects greater than AE2022 v22.6.4 or on Apple Silicon machines. DLC requires an OpenGL graphics card (GPU), but Apple have deprecated OpenGL support. If you are unsure if DLC will work on your Mac, please download and test before buying.

Download includes example AE projects compatible with AE 2020 and above.

Please note that Render Only licenses can only be used with the command line renderer and at least one full (Single User or Floating) licenase is required to use it.

Dynamic Line Chart Demos


A demonstration of DLC's scalabale dynamic grid and axes.


This video shows the addition of two sin waves, both offset over time, demonstrating the use of animated data.


A demonstration of changing the plotting area and grid axes' dimensions.


Dynamic Line Chart Tutorials


This tutorial shows how the above spiral demo was created.


A longer video, giving an overview of the object drawing types in DLC


More videos coming soon...
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