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Author: Creative Motion

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Quick Overview

Now with improved Table Template functionality and free Table Templates. Generate animated tables from csv data in After Effects with Express Table

With Express Table you can create animated tables from csv data. Use templates of animated tables, modify it or even create your own.


A compact UI design

         Key Features:         

  • One click to fill the table

  • Supports all csv character encodings

  • Import/Export Table Templates

  • Table Templates stored in xml files

  • Compact and intuitive design

  • Flexible settings

Convert CSV table to an animated table in After Effects

csv table

styled table

Who is this tool for?

For motion designers, video composers and UX/UI designers. It has application in TV Broadcast industry, YouTube and other social media industry, design of webpages and web applications, etc.

Table 1
Table 2
Example of Tables
Table 3
Table 4

Why do I need to use Express Table?

If you work with video compositing where you present data in motion to attract viewer attention, it is a good way to do it with stylized animated data tables to bring more impression. While some data might be presented with charts and plots, some other data requires only data tables. The process of manually creating each element of the data table is boring and no reason to waste time. With Express Table you can fill the table with data in one click. If needed you can always edit the table or modify the table template and fill the table once again. All table templates will always be at hand.


Express Table uses special designed config that says in which way Express Table fill the data from csv file in animated table

  • block_first – tells how many first cells won’t be multiplied, so they will be frozen (by default is 1)
  • block_last – tells how many last cells will be frozen (by defaullt is 0)
  • disable_empty – if true and the text layer in the cell is empty then shape layer is disbled so it is hidden in view (by default is false)

See how config works

In case when some of the cells in csv file are empty and “disable_empty” is true then these elements will be hidden in animated table. In this example elements number 2 and 5 have empty string in csv file

All languages support

Express Table supposrt any language from csv encoding.

Still in doubt?

Try it on your project right now, and if you don't like it, don't buy it. There is no risk. 100% sure you will like it.

Note! Table Templates are not included with the tool. There is only a basic Table Template, based on which you can create your own. You can download free Table Templates

Express Table will make your life easier!

Try it for free and let Express Table to do your boring animation stuff

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