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Quick Overview

Create your own custom toolbars with effects, presets, expressions, scripts or any commands you use the most often in After Effects.
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ft-Toolbar 2


Quick Overview of New Features

Create your own custom toolbar with effects, presets or any commands you use most often.


Please check the COMPATIBILITY tab above to make sure your version of AE is supported. If you are using the latest version of AE and need a toolbar please check out KBar and Tool Launcher instead as ft-Toolbar is not compatible with the latest version of AE.

Toolbar's features :

Toolbar Editor :

  • Create multiple toolbars - *New*
  • Add, delete, re-order, set buttons of your toolbar. 

7 kind of buttons:

  • EFFECT : set the name of the effect you want to use (See usage details below).
  • EXPRESSION : type any expression you want to apply to a selected property - *New*
  • ANIMATION PRESET : select an animation preset file (.ffx) to apply.
  • SCRIPT LAUNCHER : select an script file (.jsx or .jsxbin) to launch, even works with dockable scripts.
  • MENU : call any menu item you want to call. For example : Time-Reverse Keyframes.
  • JAVASCRIPT : type any javascript that AE understands. More advanced, but you can do some crazy macro command with it.  You can find javascript snippets here: http://www.smipple.net/tag/ft-toolbar (feel free to add your own, simply tag it: ft-Toolbar)
  • OS : Any Operating System command you can run into your terminal can be set here. For example calc (on Windows) or open -a Calculator (on Mac) would start the calculator.

Get Effect Name : The EFFECT mode requires the effect matchname. If you don't know or are not sure about the effect matchname, apply the effect on a layer, select it, and click on this button. It will set the 'MatchName' for you. Matchname are unique name that AE uses to identify specific effects even if they have the same name.

Get Effect with Parameters : This feature will grab the selected effect's matchname and also the value of all it's parameters. So you can re-apply an effect with some predefined values. *New*

* Buttons Icon : You can assign a custom image icon to each button. You can create your own icons or download a free icon pack below. All icons will be downloaded and saved into the config file. When you export the config file (json) for use on another machine all the icons will be included so no need to keep the .png files.  The buttons size can be set to any size you like, but it is a good idea for it to match the size of your icons.
* Import/Export : you can import and export the config file to set the same configuration on several computer or for making backups
* Configuration file path (json) : you can set the path of the saved config file (json) anywhere you want. (ie. to a dropbox folder to keep all your computer sync with the same config). The config file will include encoded versions of any custom icons.

Multiple Toolbars:

As built-in multi-toolbar system : *New*

Now you will be able to have more than one toolbar in the same instance. A dropdown menu will appear at the top of your toolbar so you can select which one you would like to see. This is nice on small screen to keep things tidy without using too much screen space.

As several instance of ft-Toolbar

If you want to have more than one toolbar, duplicate and rename the ft-Toolbar.jsxbin file. For example: ft-Toolbar Animation.jsxbin and ft-Toolbar Compositing.jsxbin Check out this cool demo video by Kiril Ivanov KAGPID showing how to use multiple toolbars in a character animation workflow. The buttons in this demo use this javascript snippet to set the property value at the current time. Important Update Notice: To allow for multiple toolbars, the config file is now named after the name of the script file so if you suddenly find yourself with a default toolbar, click on the import button and import your old config xml file.

Free Icon Packs:

Download: Roberto Brambila Aether Icon Pack (http://www.robmonstro.com)

Download: Jørgen Håland icon pack (http://jhaland.com/,http://vimeo.com/jhaland)

Download: Simon Bronson icon pack (v2) (http://simonbronson.com)

New features since version 1.x :

  • Entirely re-develop from the ground
  • Toolbar's side:
    • New UI layout managment (allow the buttons to organize them self in the best way)
    • New smart scrollbar (if all buttons can't display in the toolbar's area, a scrollbar will appear with proper spacing parameter)
    • New spacing parameter between buttons
    • New Button Error Handling (it will show in the info panel)
  • Toolbar Editor's side :
    • updates in real-time
    • import old configuration from version 1.x
    • Able to select effects from a dropdown list
    • New Button "Expression" Type"
    • New Button "Effect" with pre-defined parameters
    • New "Key Modifier" options per button
    • Able to load "Animation presets" from anywhere on your harddrive
    • Able to load "Script files" from anywhere on your harddrive
    • Check for updates online.
    • New built-in multi-toolbar support
    • Configuration file is now json to be more compact and faster to handle

Upgrade notice: If you purchased ft-Toolbar 1 after March 1st, 2013 you can upgrade to ft-Toolbar 2 for free.  If you purchased it before March 1st you can upgrade for $19.99. To get the upgrade pricing you will need an account with the same email as your original purchase.  User accounts are a new feature of our new site so you will need to create a new account if you haven't already but make sure to use the same email address as your previous purchase to get the upgrade discounts. If you already have an account on the new site then simply log in. Contact us if you have any questions.

Quick Overview of New Features

Full Tutorial

Use ft-Toolbar directly with your Ipad to control AE

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