Amazing ultra slow-motion video by Adam Magyar. A must see work of art for any video enthusiast.

Author Notes

In many of my Urban Flow images, people look like they are walking on a stage heading towards the same destination. And I’m asking the same questions with Stainless which is made of subway trains pulling into the station. What happens between entering and exiting this flow? Can we leave any trace behind? Do we have a genuine choice what track we follow? …The Stainless carriages themselves could be considered the society or our minds that we live in. There are phases in our lives, people come to join us and decide to leave later and all we know about the world is what we see in this carriage, we don’t know what’s outside it, it’s all suspended in darkness. So, the carriage we‘re travelling in while we’re alive protects us, help us go from A to B, but it’s also a cage that would keep us from seeing the world as a whole.

Read more about how Adam filmed this amazing footage.


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