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Author: Ian Pinder

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Quick Overview

Create and manage mattes between multiple layers with FX and track-mattes - without the confusion...

Matte Kit takes the confusion and frustration out of creating and combining mattes between multiple layers, and removes the unpredictable results that can often occur with raster and vector layers when using the native matte effects.

Multiple matte source layers can be stored in the panel, and then applied to as many layers as you like in one click.

Allows you to choose between using native matte effects or track-mattes, and multiple sources can be combined in single track matte layers with expression linking.

Uses native effects to avoid plugin dependencies when transferring projects.

Apply sources to multiple targets with one click

apply with one click

Hold ALT/OPT to invert the resulting matte

invert matte

Store sources in the panel to be applied later

store sources

Optional automatic expression linking for track-mattes

Auto expression linking

Fully K-Bar integrated

kbar settings

Create separate Multi-Matte layers from multiple sources

Multi-matte mode

Fix expression errors across linked track-mattes

Fix expression errors

Remove all Matte-Kit effects and track-mattes with one click

Remove all - one click

Customize the UI to your preference

Customize UI


  • Auto pre-comping & project cleanup in the background
  • Predictable results with raster and vector layers
  • Persistent preferences and UI layout between sessions
  • Uses native effects - No plugin dependencies

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After Effects 2021, 2020, CC 2019
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