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  • Compatibility Photoshop
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Quick Overview

Paint Link offers a revolutionary new workflow for frame-by-frame animation. Create a dynamic connection between After Effects and Photoshop to unlock the best of both tools.

Users Love Paint Link!

We spent almost a year developing and testing it to make sure you love it!

Getting Started with Paint Link

Learn how to use Photoshop’s award-winning suite of brushes to draw directly on the frames of your project, then watch as Paint Link automatically syncs your changes to After Effects, enabling real-time preview without the need to render.

One-Click Workflow

With a single click, Paint Link forms a dynamic link between your project and a new PSD—eliminating the need to save, render, or manually manage files.

An Onion Skin For Any Workflow

The highly customizable Onion Skin is designed to complement any project or workflow. Learn more about how Paint Link can adapt to the way you work.

Perfect For Collaboration

Paint Link makes it easy to share project files with your collaborators. Perfect for team-based workflows.

Automatic File Management

Paint Link automatically syncs your files to individual keyframes within your After Effects timeline, eliminating the need for file management while maintaining full control over your work.

Real-time Workflow

Paint Link updates After Effects in real-time as you are painting in Photoshop. This video was recorded in real-time to demonstrate the workflow.

Setup Instructions

In order for Paint Link to function, there are a few Photoshop settings you'll need to adjust.Don't worry, once these changes are made you'll never need to touch them again.

Disable Color Warnings

  1. Go to Photoshop > Edit > Preferences > Color Settings
  2. Under Profile Mismatches, disable "Ask When Opening"and "Ask When Pasting"
  3. Under Missing Profiles, disable "Ask When Opening"

Enable After Effects To Photoshop Connection

  1. Go to Photoshop > Edit > Preferences > Plugins (Windows)
    Photoshop > Settings > Plugins (Mac)
  2. Turn on "Enable Remote Connections"
  3. Set "Password" to "aescripts"

And now you're ready to paint!

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022
Photoshop 2024, 2023, 2022