Quick Chromatic Aberration 3

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Quick Overview

Add RGB shift & distortion to emulate chromatic aberration from real lenses. And it's Free!

Quick Chromatic Aberration 3.0 Free Plugin
Aberrate at the Speed of Love™

New in version 3:

  • 360° hue control, aberrate every colour
  • Full transparency controls
  • Lens Distort & Skew
  • Variable iterations
  • Auto buffer expansion
  • Native MFR & Apple Silicon
  • It’s still free

Core Features:

  • GPU accelerated
  • Infinite repeat edge pixels
  • 32bpc precision
  • Translate, rotate, scale & blur per channel
  • Easy to use controls

QCA3 plugin UI inside After Effects

A subtle amount of chromatic aberration aka "RGB separation" aka “RGB Split” is a great way to increase the realism of pixel perfect computer graphics. It does for free what many paid RGB Split plugins can’t. Looks great on both motion graphics and CG composites.

Unlike the motion graphics included on this webpage, please use QCA responsibly. Too much chromatic aberration can result in blindness. Remember: do as we say, not as we do.

Dive in with our Quickstart Tutorial:

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