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  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Tim Bywater

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Quick Overview

Easily re-time comps by selecting layers based on the play-head position. Choosing the selection scope as all layers or specific layer types with the ability to restrict your selection to the Workspace. Then shift selected layers together.

SLCTR allows you to quickly select layers based off the position of the play-head (Current Time Indicator). You can also specify what type of layers are in scope to be selected and a couple of tools allow you to shift layers together to the play-head position or flip the layer order when you annoyingly select and paste them in the wrong way!


  • SELECT ALL from layer type SCOPE.
  • SELECT BEHIND play-head from layer type SCOPE.
  • SELECT AHEAD of play-head from layer type SCOPE.
  • SELECT layers with the same colour/label from currently selected layers.

All above: Hold SHIFT to retain currently selected layers and add to the selection.

  • SHIFT selected layers to line up to play-head with retaining their relative timing.
  • FLIP selected layers’ (or all if none selected) order top to bottom.
  • Restrict selections to the current WORKSPACE.

SLCTR is designed to be as simple as possible with most selections needing only three or less clicks on the panel to achieve the desired selection. SLCTR shines when having to re-time a complex COMP to a new music track. SLCTR’s layout is designed to be compact and to sit at the right hand side of the time-line where it will see most use.






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