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Quick Overview

Vesterbro is an attractive serif typeface from Black[Foundry] & Animography. The animated version comes in 2 weights, while the static version has 12.Order 4 or more Animography Typefaces and save 25%.

Vesterbro - Animated Typeface



Vesterbro is an attractive serif, named after the city district of Copenhagen. The core design of the Vesterbro family is the Poster weight. The imaginative high-contrast typeface combines characteristics from Scottish and Garalde models. Vesterbro Poster is warmer than most Didot-inspired display faces. It has friendly, organic shapes, with a generous x-height and short serifs.

Its tilted axis and supple curves lend Vesterbro Poster an inviting, jovial personality; just look at that radiant smile on the lowercase ‘e,’ or how the ampersand licks the next word. Pleasantly readable in text sizes and attention-grabbing when used big, Vesterbro is a versatile type family for global communication that can be applied to any design project, from editorial design and graphic identities to advertising, branding and packaging.


Customizable Features

• Color
• Completion (0-100% slider)

Static Version

The family static type family consists of 6 weights + italics and is available at Black[Foundry].



Available Characters

! ¡ ? ¿ . , : ; ' " ‘ ’ “ ” * ® ° ^ ™ ‹ › « » – — • _~
# % ‰ & @ © № ( ) [ ] { } / \ | + - × ÷ = < >
$ € ¥ £ ¢

Includes JSX Version

JSX typefaces are a fantastic light-weight format for animated typefaces that seamlessly integrate with Font Manager. Besides the the JSX format you'll also get a neatly organized .aep-file that includes all the animated characters.

Free Trial

This allows you to check out the A, B and C of the animated typeface for 7 days. Click on the green TRY button above for a free trial version (Requires Font Manager to use which also has a free trial available).

Easy To Follow Tutorials

Click on the VIDEOS-tab above or check out this playlist on Youtube to quickly learn the basics of working with animated typefaces.

Type design: Black[Foundry]
Animation: Jeroen Krielaars

See Vesterbro In Action

Life, by Emanuele Colombo
Random, by Lobster Studio
Fit, by Zak Tietjen
Forma, by Studio Mistaker
Growth, by Illo
New, by Advntr Studio
Voila, by The Furrow
Transient, by Pablo Lozano
Transient , by Wendy Eduarte
Twist & Turn, by Animography
Right Here, Right Now, by Animography
Please, I can't breathe, by Animography
FearLess, by Animography
Is your work missing from this list? Let us know.

Optimize Your Workflow

Vesterbro is fully prepped to work with Font Manager and Animography Controller. Use Font Manager to type with Vesterbro, and set things like size, tracking, line spacing, text alignment and time offset. Font Manager will automatically create a controller to customize Vesterbro's settings.

Or use the free tool Animography Controller to simply drag characters to your comp, and parent the controller settings with the click of a button.

Create Your Own Animated Typefaces

Learn how to create your own animated typefaces like this one, in our 4-hour online course. Check out the full curriculum on Motion Design School.


















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