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Author: Animography

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Quick Overview

A high-octane display typeface. Each glyph has two colors that can be set from a two color palette, or with the flick of a switch, can be randomly chosen from a six color palette. Order 4 or more Animography Typefaces and save an additional 25%

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Hypernova is a high-octane display typeface. Each glyph has two colors that can be set from a two color palette, or with the flick of a switch, can be randomly chosen from a six color palette.

Type design & animation: Giacomo Ribaudo

Customizable Features

• 2 absolute colors
• 6 random colors
• random colors (checkbox)
• random seed

Bundle Offer

Order 4 or more Animography Animated Typefaces and save 25%.
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Optimize Your Workflow

Pixelar is fully prepped to work with Font Manager and Animography controller. Use Font Manager to simply type with Pixelar, and set things like size, tracking, line spacing, text alignment and time offset. Font Manager will automatically create a controller to customize Pixelar's settings.

Or use the free tool Animography Controller to simply drag characters to your comp, and parent the controller settings with the click of a button.

Includes JSX Version

JSX typefaces are a fantastic new light-weight format for animated typefaces that seamlessly integrate with Font Manager. The Animography JSX typefaces are built with compCode. Click on the green TRY button above to try a free trial version of the JSX typeface (Requires Font Manager to use which also has a free trial available).

Easy To Follow Tutorials

Click on the VIDEOS-tab above or one of the links below to quickly learn the basics of working with animated typefaces.
Getting Started
Installing and using JSX typefaces

Take It To The Next Level

Or, if you're ready to take things up a notch, watch these intermediate tutorials.
Stacking Type will explain how to layer your type for some special effects.
• Watch Layer Mattes to learn how to use layer mattes with animated typefaces to add texture or create some interesting distortion effects.

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