Polka Dots Maker

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Author: grape design

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Quick Overview

Polka Dots Maker generates polka dots very easily in After Effects. Works very fast!


Polka Dots Maker

Generate and control Polka Dots easily in After Effects.


  • Dot Comp and Control Layer is generated automatically.
  • Simple UI Panel.
  • Circles or squares can be generated automatically.
  • Contents in Dot Comp can be edited as you like.

Generate Dots

Generate Polka Dots with 1 click!


Control Dots

Easy to control and fast rendering.


"Dot Angle" affects rotation of the entire polka dot pattern


"Scale" affects size of the entire polka dot pattern


"Dot Scale" affects size of one dot and distance of dots.

Other Features

  • "Scroll Speed" affects speed of one row of polka dots.
  • "Cross Scroll" is an option for cross animation. 

Customize Dots

Edit and animate contents as you like in "Dot Comp" 


Edit shape and visual style 




Replace any footage



After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022
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    Regular Price: $9.80 Special Price: $6.80