Smooth Rounder

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: grape design

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Quick Overview

Smooth Rounder generates smoothly curved shapes in After Effects. Works with Shape Layers and supports animation with keyframes. Very easy to use.

Generate and animate smoothly curved shapes in After Effects.

Easy and Fast


  • Smoother than the normal Ellipse or Rectangle with normal corner round of Shape Layer.
  • Easy to create Modern UI design style such as super ellipses icon.
  • Great animation of curve smoothness with keyframes.
  • Some controller effects (size, round, corner radius) will be created.
  • All controller can add keyframes.
  • Like other objects of Shape Layer, you can control Fill and Stroke etc.

AE vs Smooth Rounder

Smooth Rounder can control the curvature of shapes, but AE alone can control only the radius of roundness.




Easy and Fast

Easy operation with minimal UI and fast rendering.


You can generate an ellipse or a rectangle with rounded corners and control its width, height, roundness, and round radius(only "rectangle").


Animation with Keyframes 

Great curve animation with keyframes using control sliders.


Work as Shape Layer Objects 

Like other Shape Layer Objects, you can control Fill, Stroke, etc.


You can use all Shape Layer functions such as Fill Color, Stroke Width, Dashes, Trim Path, Repeater, Zig Zag, etc.

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