Silence Remover

  • Compatibility Premiere
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Author: Animation Gym

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Quick Overview

New remove the silence directly feature and more. Isolates any silence gaps in your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Automate the most annoying part of your editing workflow!

Silence Remover


Automate your Premiere Pro editing workflow
and save time


Get a first cut with silent gaps removed in one click .

Alt Text

Alt Text

SilenceRemover will remove silent gaps FAST!
It will color the gaps in yellow to differentiate between Silence and Voice.
Easily select all the yellow gaps and delete them.

Noise Level allows you to manage how much noise to detect as silence,
anything under the red line is treated as silence.
Adjust as necessary to get the best result.

Alt Text
Alt Text

Minimum Time Any gaps shorter than this time will not be detected as silence.

Offset allows you to set a buffer around the silence edits

Alt Text

Alt Text

Silence Remover tutorial

all you need to know in less than 4 minutes.

For more info Silence Remover documentation.


Important things to note
  • Drag/Import the audio, once it's loaded, it's there to play with until you drag another.
  • Clear Audio frequency makes it more accurate.
  • Best Practice is to prepare audio and drag/import it as mp3 audio, especially for large video files.
Premiere 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019
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