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Author: KiwiVFX

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Quick Overview

Create Ticker or Crawl in 2 clicks in After effects! Use starter templates formatted in CSV, TSV or JSON. Has full RTL Support! Try 5 lines for Free!

5 Animation Types

Animation Types

3 Alignments

Left Alignment

Center Alignment

Right Alignment


Tick Time between segments

Animation Speed for ins and outs


- Pixel perfect position
- Automatic or Manual spacing
- Custom Fonts Support
- Crawl, From Top to Bottom and From Bottom to Top Looping
- Overlap text animation from bottom to top and top to bottom
- Text Color and Bold Options
- Save / Save as / Load presets (on other Machine)
- Compositions Organizer (Numbering, Coloring and managing)
- Full RTL Support (Reverse text + Numbers anchor point fix)
- Hotkeys

More Settings:
- Separator + Separator at the end (for Crawls)
- Composition blur
- CC Force Motion Blur
- Null Controller
- Parabolic Animation
- Ticker Background
- Drop Shadow
- Ticker Width
- Ticker Height
- Informative tooltips and UI

New in 1.8.7:
- Overlap text animation from bottom to top and top to bottom
Added Bold and Colors for Title, Text and Separators
Migrate old settings
Parabolic Animation
More informative Tooltips (Minimum, Maximum and Default values)
Button Fixes, AE Compatibility fixes, Bugs, UI , and more fixes

New in 1.5:
Auto or Manual Spacing
Total Time for Crawls
Markers, layers and compositions labeling, names fixes and more...
RTL Numbers fixes
Custom dialog windows for errors and success messages
Trial Fixes
Compositions Manager Fixes

Version 1.1.7:
RTL Numbers Support(for ae versions 23.1 and below - which don't support RTL)
.TXT Files Support
Automatic rows and cells clean up for .CSV Files.
Better layer naming
Compositions Manager
Added more organization in RTL Versions Support

Version 1.1.0:
Added Looping Feature for crawls
Added Looping Checkbox for Crawls
Fixed Bold check Duplicates
Added "Add another separator at the end" Checkbox
Added Sort Compositions (previously Compositions Manager) Checkbox(By Default on)
Added Hotkeys - "Build" (Space) / "Import" (i) / "Ticker" (a) / "Text" (s) / "Settings" (d)
Fixed Button's Text for Mac
Added Changed settings confirmation box
UI Fixes
Fixed Animation Type loading Bug
Fixed: fonts tooltip
Fixed: Documentation on custom fonts
Fixed: Presets default file tooltip
Fixed: Preset doesn't load
Fixed: Separator Checked bug
Added Remove Default preset confirmation Box
Fixed Loading of Files

  • Main Settings Screen
  • Text Settings Screen
  • Layout Settings Screen
  • Settings Screen
After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5
  • 1920x768


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Auto Audio Mixer

    Mixes all audio layers of the active composition

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  • 1920x768


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Pixel Pusher

    Push selected layer(s) by your defined pixels amount (Includes Z position, multiplier and lots of settable keyboard shortcuts!)

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  • Reverse Text


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Reverse Text

    Reverses text layer source text In After Effects. Great For RTL Languages. Try it for free!

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  • 1920x768


    • Compatibility After Effects


    Stacker organizes layers to the bottom, top, left, or right sides while providing options for layer alignment, fixed starting position, Keyframes, and more. Try it for free and experience the benefits of efficient layer management in your workflow.

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  • Credits Roller


    • Compatibility After Effects

    Credits Roller

    Create credit rolls and pages in 3 clicks in After effects! Use starter templates formatted in CSV, TSV or JSON. Has full RTL Support!

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