Ultra Box 3D

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Author: Tilles Motion

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Quick Overview

Create a 3D box rig from shapes and expressions with one click. Add textures, change and animate parameters like taper and chamfer.

3D box rig with playful animatable parameters

one click
3D box with faces

Render faces, wireframe or textures

The rig doesn't use "Cinema 4D" renderer so you can still use layer styles and blending modes as usual.

Box 3D with fillsA. Fills: Box rig with shape layers, fills and expressions. No assets are added to your project, just a composition with unique name.
Box 3D with wireframeB. Wireframe: same as faces but hide all fills and show just the strokes. Change the color and stroke width as usual, apply dashes, wiggle path, etc.
Box 3D with textureC. Textures: SHIFT+Click the main button to create the cube and it will also create textures which are common compositions parented to the faces. Textures are not scaled or distorted when changing the cube size.


All faces are parented to a control layer that you can rotate, scale and position to move the cube around. Also there's some options available that you can change and animate:

  • Width x Height x Depth: control the overall dimensions in pixels.
  • Taper Top / Taper Bottom: It's the percentage to shrink / expand the top or bottom face. A value of 50% will shrink the face by half. Use 100% to create a pyramid for example. A value of -100% will grow the face x2.
  • Chamfer: Set this to a positive number and it will create 4 more faces on the edges of the cube.
  • Wireframe mode: Check this to hide the fills and show the strokes. You can change the color of the stroke as usual, just select it and choose a new color.
Ultra Box 3D settings dialog


Ultra Box 3D settings dialog


Some settings can be changed before you create a box. Click the "gear" button on the bottom of the UI. You can set default box size (width, height and depth), texture composition size and whether to create a camera or not, all changes will be saved for the next session.

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021
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