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Quick Overview

Simplifies the workflow between Mocha and After Effects. More precisely, it helps you send your footage to Mocha and then to apply the Mocha tracking data back in After Effects in whatever way you want.
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MochaImport Plus allows to quickly and easily send your footage for tracking in Mocha then import the Mocha tracking data back in After Effects and use it in whatever way you want.

  • send clips and masks from After Effects to Mocha
  • corner pin, move layers, stabilized precomps, advanced stabilizations and more



MochaImport+ Track in Mocha Button
Track in Mocha button: send clips including masks, in- and outpoints from After Effects to Mocha - with just one click. (learn more)


MochaImport+ Status Panel
Easy Import: With the status panel, you always know what kind of tracking data you need to export for your task at hand. (learn more)


MochaImport+ Apply Button
Apply your Tracking Data: MochaImport+ supports a variety of tasks from corner pin and movement of layers to stabilizing shaky footage. Even complex rigs for stabilized precomps and image stabilization can be created with just one click.


(learn more about the individual functions: corner pin, move, stabilize, stabilized precomp, create AE trackpoints)

Download the press release for more details

MochaImport+ vs. CS6 built in tools

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Supported Mocha versions: All version of Mocha for After Effects, Mocha, and Mocha Pro (learn more)
Supported corner pin effects: Corner Pin, CC Power Pin, Red Giant Warp



Related tutorials


Tutorials on older versions of MochaImport: (The interface changed, but they might still be helpful to get the ideas)

Other voices

Thank you for all that you do for the AE community.

Colin Rider, after mentioning MochaImport in his showreel.

You're doing some great work here. The community owes you a debt.

Tim Stotz on

This is an awesome script! Now rotoscoping will be fun!

Diego Gagliardi on Vimeo

The user interface

MochaImport+ User Interface

Should I use MochaImport+ or MaskTracker+?

MochaImport+ has a sister product MaskTracker+ which can do similar things, but is based on the mask tracker of After Effect CC instead of mocha.

Our experience is that working with MaskTracker+ is usually a bit quicker on simple tracks, since you can do all work inside After Effects and don't need to switch to a separate application. On the other hand, the mocha planar tracking technology gives often better results for challenging tracks that have motion blur or reflections, for example. Also, mocha can easily handle foreground elements, can do multiple tracks simultaneously and supports X-Splines which makes it the tool of choice for bigger tracking and roto jobs.

Our tip: Your best choice is the Tracking Bundle which contains both MaskTracker+ and MochaImport+. Then you can do most tracks quick and easy with MaskTracker+ but if the mask tracker gives bad results, you can switch to mocha instead of spending hours to fix your track.



Tutorial: Getting Started with MochaImport+

This tutorial gives a detailed overview over the functions of MochaImport+.


  1. "track in mocha" button (0:00-1:47)
  2. masks and layers (1:47-4:17)
  3. works with all versions of Mocha (4:17-5:17)
  4. import tracking data (5:17-6:56)
  5. corner pin (6:56-9:56)
  6. move (9:56-12:41)
  7. stabilize (12:41-16:18)
  8. stabilized precomp (16:18-19:58)
  9. create AE trackpoints (19:58-22:22)

Tutorial: Graffiti becomes Alive

In this tutorial you learn how to turn a graffiti painting on a wall into a living person. This effect is inspired by the Brush With Death clip.


  1. tracking with MochaImport+ (1:22-9:26)
  2. placing a freeze frame at the wall (9:26-16:25)
  3. graffiti look (16:25-25:41)

Tutorial: Finger Screen

In part 1 we create an effect that is currently quite popular: We create a futuristic, semi-transparent screen that is attached to a persons fingers.

In the second part, we smash the screen that we created in the first part. Furthermore, we use Knoll Light Factory in combination with iExpressions to make the screen even more realistic by adding some light reflections. Also we give the clip a nice look using Magic Bullet.

Tutorial: Monster Face

Note: This tutorial uses an older version of MochaImport

This is a really fun project where we turn a face into a monster face. You learn advanced tracking techniques to modify the mouth and other parts of the face. Due to Mocha, this is comparably easy although the face is heavily moving.


  1. tracking in Mocha (1:42-11:45)
  2. making the mouth larger (11:46-21:59)
  3. making the mouth larger (11:46-21:59)

Tutorial: How to remove WikiLeaks from web videos

Note: This tutorial uses an older version of MochaImport

Times of internet censorship are good times! There are so many websites that contain undesired information or wrong opinions and many of them even contain videos. That means lots of clean-up needed and lots of jobs waiting for you freelancers out there! Fight undesired information to make the world a place of freedom (of press)! Learn how to close WikiLeaks in web videos!


  1. Verifying the leak (2:04-4:29)
  2. Tracking the leak (4:30-10:00)
  3. Removing the leak (10:01-19:11)

Tutorial: Stabilize Shaky Footage Without the Need to Zoom In

Note: This tutorial uses an older version of MochaImport

In this tutorial you learn how to stabilize a shaky shot with the Mocha tracker and the MochaImport script. After stabilization, you usually need to zoom in a bit to get rid of empty areas that show up at the borders of the image. Instead of this, we use a clever technique to fill the missing parts at the borders such that there is no need for zooming any more. The technique uses frames before and after the current frame to fill in parts of the image that are missing in the current frame. Sounds complicated but works very well and is done with a few clicks using MochaImport.

Tutorial: Cyborg Arm

Note: This tutorial uses an older version of MochaImport

In this tutorial you learn how to use After Effects to turn you arm into a cyborg arm. We use MochaAE (which is included in After Effects) to track the motion and perspective distortion of the arm and then do the compositing in After Effects.

Tutorial: Advanced Compositing

Note: This tutorial uses an older version of MochaImport

What makes such scenes usually very hard to composite is that there is a lot of heavy and shaky movement going on. But with MochaImport you are just one click away from the solution of all these problems...

Tutorial: Corner Pin

Note: This tutorial uses an older version of MochaImport

This After Effects tutorial is inspired by an HP commercial. You learn how to do corner pin tracking with Mocha. Actually, a simple corner pin can be done in MochaImport with just one click. But you will also learn about more advanced stuff like adding motion blur in After Effects that makes your corner pin more realistic.

Tutorial: Tetris part 1

In this tutorial we create a huge tetris game at the wall of our bathroom. The first part covers tracking in mocha. The After Effects work with MochaImport+ starts around 15:00.

MochaImport in less than 5 minutes

This video shows an older version of MochaImport - but the key ideas are still the same.

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