Amazing short created using AEC4D by Tim Gray

Tools used

Author Notes

Compositing this would have been near impossible without the use of AEC4D. So grateful!! 

In an effort to further my skill set through doing, I decided to make a short film utilising a few experiments in Cinema 4D using the Octane render engine for the first time. I've always been massively influenced by Science Fiction - most notably 2001, Sunshine, Interstellar, Apollo 13 to name a few but the idea of focusing on shot composition was the key point to this project. As opposed to other short films where I would usually storyboard the entire film and produce an Animatic, I instead focused on making concept boards for shot composition and then built the piece in the edit suite. I feel this lead to a more aesthetic lead piece allowing me to focus on the beauty of each shot over the overarching narrative.

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Designed, Directed, and Produced by Tim Gray
Music: This Will Destroy You - The Mighty Rio Grande
Voice over: Carl Sagan


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