Auto Motion Tracker For Objects

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Author: Kamil Pekala

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10% Off until Feb 12. Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro that lets you convert keyframes of a tracked Mask Path to a Transform effect, so anything can follow movement in the scene!

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Automatic motion tracking of masks has been a feature built-into Adobe Premiere Pro for a long time, but it was never possible to stick to it something like a motion graphics layer, so that it will follow the movement of objects in the shot.

But with this extension you can convert the keyframes of ”Mask Path” into keyframes of position/scale/rotation in a ”Transform” effect!

So now you can have automatic motion tracking something like a text, image or literally anything without the need to go into After Effects!


Auto Motion Tracker For Objects demo gif 2

The plugin can also be used to stabilize footage. Just apply the tracking data to the source clip itself, then add a second transform effect to it and rotate the clip by 180 degrees in that second transform. Then nest the clip, rotate it back 180 degrees and scale up if needed! Here's is the stabilization effect:

Auto Motion Tracker For Objects demo gif 3


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