Great design and animation using Explode Shape Layers, Mercury and GifGun by NORD and MRfrukta

Tools used

Author Notes

For this project I used Explode Shape Layers to work with shape and adobe illustrator files and Mercury to generate the liquid effect in the end scene "morphing logo":
and finally I used GifGun to create all the Gif animations like this one:


ニューシティー (New City) 
is an experiment, conducted by Nord Collective’s science division. Think of it as an identity constructor for modern Utopia city, where each person is treated as centre of his own universe. His interests and needs are forming the zone of perfect comfort around him. “New city” is the place where any personal universe can happily coexist with lots of other personal universes, colliding only in social collaboration for perfect today and even better tomorrow.

Behance breakdown:


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