Nice explainer using Newton, Explode Shape Layers and a bunch of other aescripts tools.

Tools used

Author Notes

Minimalist and ironical representation of the 10 Equations that changed the World.
I animated a character that has to do with this Equations in the real world.
I studied a lot for synthesize this complicated Equations in a fast and instant animation: there are a lot of secret references inside. Try to find it :)

This work is inspired by “17 expressions that changed the World” written by Ian Stewart.

Equations list:
Pythagoras’s Theorem - Pythagoras, 530 B.C.
Law of Gravity - Newton,1668
Euler’s Formula for Polyhedra - Euler, 1751
Wave Equation - J.d’Almbert,1746
Fourier Transform - J.Fourier,1822
Navier-Stokes Equation - C.Navier, G.Stokes, 1845
Second Law of Thermodynamics, L.Boltzmann, 1874
Relativity - Einstein, 1905
Information Theory - C.Shannon, 1927
Black-Scholes Equation - F.Black, M.Scholes, 1990


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