Join Animography and us on Instagram for #36daysoftype.

#36daysoftype is a really big thing on Instagram where designers post images or loops on Instagram. The first day it is all A’s, the second day is all B’s. It can go from just good type to super abstract, 3D or tactile. The best get regrammed by the official 36 days of type account. Just do a quick search and be inspired. Overall it is really great quality.
Animography already did the first post with the A from Pixelar Animated. We would like to invite you all to join the fun and craft a looping letter. This can be from one of your existing animated typefaces or just a new animated type doodle.
Here are a few samples:





❌ ¡ Here we go again ! The spanish delight begin TODAY. Get ready for @36daysoftype ❌ LOOP WITH SOUND

A video posted by ELMØ (@elmotionlab) onMar 29, 2016 at 3:48am PDT


Head over to Instagram to see all the entries: #36daysoftype.


If you would like to submit a piece for inclusion in our INSPIRATION category please submit it to us here or tag #aescripts on Instagram.