Fantastic rich and layered opening sequence by Antoine Dufour using lots of aescripts tools for the documentary "Benjamin Rabier" by Marc Faye.

Tools used

Author Notes

This is the opening sequence of the documentary "Benjamin Rabier" directed by Marc Faye and produced by Novanima.

Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939) was a French illustrator, comic book artist and animator.
He became famous for creating "La vache qui rit" (The laughing Cow) and "Gédéon le canard" (Gideon the duck). He is also one of the pioneers of animated films .

For this documentary, I've made a single shot (4 minutes and 45s) in one piece. 
This work was made in After Effects in 3 months, with the help of some scripts:
- repositionAnchorPoint
- true comp duplicator
- rd duplink
- save comp as project

French version here:


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