Very cool flat animated piece using Sortie and other aescripts tools by Stage2

Tools used

Author Notes

I want to give you more detail about how some aescripts + aeplugins tools were crucial to our workflow on this project:


For this project we had to create a huge library of more than a 100 looped character animations. The lead animator/compositor populated each scene with those assets and animated them on X and Y axis. Matchrate was used to figure out the right speed for the each walk cycle, and to match it for specific distances.

Ease & Wizz

The golden standard of jiggly and bouncy motion in After Effects. Huge help if the deadline prevents you from going deep into the graph editor. The use is especially obvious in the 20sec version, where the scenes seamlessly transform into each other.

Again, a huge timesaver, this time for taking control of tons of layers (every single character animation was a loop on its own precomp).


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