Lovely illustrated animation by Matt Pitt that uses Plexus to create fully-rigged animated butterflies.

Tools used


Music by Rhian Sheehan. Directed by redkidOne. Animation by Matt Pitt. Illustration by Kieran Rynhart. Commissioned for 'Little Sines' from Rhian Sheehan's album 'Stories From Elsewhere'.

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"'Little Sines' was conceived on my baritone ukulele and an old 80's toy sampler I use to record and playback sine waves on. I then physically created the main melody on a handmade DIY music-box I own, but didn't really think it was a particularly interesting melody until my young son began singing it relentlessly. I then knew I had an idea worth pursuing. This melody pops up throughout the album in various forms." - Rhian Sheehan


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