Fun little fluid dynamics experiment using Newton by Ciaran O'Connor

Tools used

Author Notes

Spent some time between jobs recently working out how to do a basic fluid test in AE with Newton, this is the workflow -

1. Make a ton (seriously, shitloads) of small circular shape layers or masked solids to act as your fluids.
2. Tweak an untold amount of settings god knows how many times and watch your dual Xeon workstation slow to a 5fps crawl while it works out the physics calculations on a couple of hundred layers - 
3. In a nutshell, you need the fruit & ice cube layers to have a density of 8-10 in comparison to that of the circles which make up the fluid (0.5 - 1 or so).
4. In my experience with dynamics in Newton & C4D, it takes a lot of tweaking and testing to get it loosely close to what you need - this is definitely a hack use of the plugin.
5. When you're done with Newton, to make simulation look like liquid, add fast blur (10-15px), then simple choker and tweak to your taste and then add all the design flair you can handle.

It's not perfect but for 2D mograph, it's wicked. Newton 2 has huuuuuge potential, gotta use it more. Sound effects need a proper kick up the arse too, heheh...


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