Lively and colorful animation using Ease and Wizz and Bookmarker by aescripts author Tomas Sinkunas

Tools used

Author Notes

Short animation demonstrating SODRA (State Social Insurance Fund Board of the Republic of Lithuania) services. (this is some damn long name for a project. Please feel free to use shorter).

Tools used:
1. Ease and Wizz for snappy animation
2. Bookmarker - as always, client can never make up their minds, so I had to have versions client sort of approves at hand. With Bookmarker I was able to quickly access them.

Voice over text in English: Got sick? Lost a job? Got injury? Your family is expecting a child? On top of that you should think about your pension. Don't live day in day out - get insured by State Social Insurance Fund.

The State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor (further referred to as “SODRA”, “Fund Board” or just “the Board”) is a key institution engaged in administration of the public social insurance fund, responsible for coordination and methodical management of the territorial offices under direct subordination thereto, in order to ensure effective and high quality work of such territorial offices and other subordinate institutions, as well as perform controls over them. The main function of "Sodra" is ensuring the enforcement of legal acts in regulation of the state social insurance.


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