Innovative use of Plexus on this excellent infographic piece by motoko

Tools used

Author Notes

Motoko created six animations as part of the documentary "Tax Free Tour" by director Marije Meerman, for Dutch TV channel VPRO. "Tax Free Tour" gives insight into the methods used by multinational corporations like Apple, Starbucks and Google to avoid paying billions of dollars in tax. So to visually back this dark process of rerouting money to off-shore havens, we went for a monchrome vector style with dots and lines. Plexus really fit into that style.

The small buildings were first made as low-poly models in Cinema 4D and then imported as OBJ files in Plexus. The map of the countries is based on an illustrator file, and to fill in the vector scenery, we converted parts of the illustrator file to shapes and in turn copied the shapes to a mask paths, that is used as a Path layer source in Plexus.

While Plexus can be slow at times on our lite iMac machines, we created placeholder or "dummy" shapes throughout the production of the animation. With a bit of expressions and controls, we easily switched from the dummy shapes to the final Plexus lines.


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