Stunning work using Newton, PuppetTool and Ease and Wizz from

Tools used

Author Notes

Hi we are Low Poly from Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is our presentation video made in cinema 4D and After Effects.

We started by choosing a color palette, then designed characters and key objects. Once we had all that we created the storyboard and decided which of the scenes were going to be done in Cinema 4D and which ones in After Effects.

In cinema 4D we tried to give our 3D animations a 2D look by using Sketch and Toon and a simple lightning rig, hard shadows and no specular. Most of our animations were done using mograph effectors.

Once we had all of our 3D scenes we imported them to After Effects CC using the Cineware plugin and composited them with our backgrounds and 2D animations.

The animations in After Effects were done with some help from these awesome aescripts + aeplugins tools:


Ease and Wizz


Reposition Anchor Point

To animate characters in After Effects we used the AWESOME PuppetTool which helped us rig and move our characters in a natural way. 

For some scenes like the LAB at 0.15 we decided to use Newton to give our animations real dynamics. We had a lot of fun using this plugin.

Last but not least we polished our animations by using Ease and Wizz. It allowed us to give a more real look to bounces and velocity animations.

We hope you like it.


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