Fantastic NFT art created with Slitscan by Mia Forrest

Tools used

Author Notes


The first fleur will bloom on FOUNDATION December 2021

Bloom is a time-based motion project that features fleurs and fungi, warping to transcend space and time.

Using slit scan and time remapping, a line of pixels is stretched toward the sky, rendering a surreal DNA-like helix structure as it blooms upward into a sky of possibility...

As the plants transform and mutate over time, the spectacle showcases the history of species and proposes new cosmic futures.

Five 1/1 editions of:



arum lily



RED Camera package provided by kind folk at cine2481 -

Flowers by b.r.a.e.r -

Shot at the hinterland studio -

Thank you aescripts + zaebects for your fun code -

- -

Mia is an Australian based photographer + filmmaker. Her film work explores poetic +
surreal ways to expand time, particularly through her slow cinema short films, and slit scan moving images.

Mia's work has exhibited internationally at the Cannes AVIFF Art Festival, Channels
International Biennial of Video Art at the Australian Center for Moving Image, Queensland Film Festival, Aesthetica Film Festival, and Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

As a director, her music videos have been twice nominated for a Queensland Music Award.

Her portraiture work was shortlisted for the 2021 Photo Collective Australian Photography
Award in the Documentary Category, and subsequently won third place.

Mia was a grant recipient for the genesis NFT collection from ObscuraDAO.



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