Fun vignette animation using Paravent, AutoSway and Ease and Wizz by

Tools used

and a lot of old fashioned stop motion, hand made models, green-screen, hand-drawn and vector based techniques all blended together in after effects

Author Notes

Come inside cinema iloobia for a little hyper rapido whizz through the doors of the psychotropic cinema to see iloobia's latest animation curiosity....

Project background:
Recently I felt i should put together a new animation reel, but struggled with repeating the familiar formula of cutting rapid fire shots from bundles of my branded client jobs and adding some unrelated audio track.

Instead i decided to create a bespoke series of short animations involving various techniques in a way I wanted to use them and hopefully slightly deviate from the standard showreel.

image, edit and audio arrangement - iloobia
music - max & harvey / amoeba
cinema iloobia 2015


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