Dope music video created entirely with Element 3D by jhony

Tools used

Author Notes

This is my new job for a punk / crust band. All done within After Effects using Element 3D 

Formed in June 2016 by Igor (Drums) and Nader (guitar and vocals) DISCHAVIZER makes a punk / crust sound, themes such as war and prejudice are reflected.

Dischavizer is a crust / punk duo who goes underground for the purpose of protesting and playing around the world through sound and lyrics that speak from wars to social problems around the world such as racial, social prejudice, homophobia, machismo and anti-Semitism.  

Through exchanges with other bands and libertarian movements around the world, we aim to spread our sound and our protest all over the world, without vanity or labels, just counting on ourselves and the support of friends willing to collaborate! We accept invitations to play anywhere but DON'T PLAY WITH FASCISTS!



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