Learn how to use Stardust to emit 3D particles in #AfterEffects by Noble Kreative

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Stardust Tutorial series for VFX & Motion Graphics | Learn How to Emit 3D Particles from a layer in Adobe After Effects using Stardust's Model Node 

I hope you will learn something new through this !!!


Stardust tutorial series List :


1. 3D particle bend FX for titles in AE | Easy :https://youtu.be/b8KnYK9b7u0 

2. 3D Particle Tunnel Background in AE | Easy :https://youtu.be/WRMeDFJLri8

3. 3D Particle Strings Background in AE | Easy :https://youtu.be/awLIiM_Xx6M

4. Confetti Particles Simulation in AE | Easy : https://youtu.be/FDfXdjPmtec

5. 3D Particle Windy VFX in AE  | Easy :https://youtu.be/HD2q0PHZceM

6. Rotating Circular Particles HUD element in AE | Easy  :https://youtu.be/oAZ4NWiZ3yY

7. Animated Data Visualization in AE | Easy  : https://youtu.be/lp_Zmc_nZQY

8.  2D & 3D Audio Visualizer in AE | Easy  :https://youtu.be/RXX4mc_sz0I 

9. Emit 3D Particles from a layer in AE | Easy  :https://youtu.be/frXnN_mcdGs


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